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Create Better Ideas

Human centred design is about building innovative solutions based on the needs of your customers. This strategy is at the heart of Design Thinking and begins with understanding the audience you’re trying to reach, and designing your approach from their perspective.

By implementing a non-linear method as a creative approach to problem solving, we can generate multiple ideas via brainstorming sessions, which encourage a dedicated hands on approach to rapid prototyping and testing.

Design Thinking can be applied to at different stages of your problem, challenge, or opportunity. I help clients working on challenging, fast-moving problems, which include creative leadership, user experience or employee development and engagement. The desired result of the design thinking process is a new business model, product or service that consistently delivers value to its community of users.

The process begins by developing a thorough understanding of clients’ needs, aims and success measures, and I work collaboratively throughout the entire process.

Turn your ideas into a valuable business

At the heart of any business model is the story of how the venture works. Whether you are starting a new (social) venture or you’re an established player, a good business model can be tricky to master.

For entrepreneurs, a business model is crucial to acquiring investors and/or establishing partnerships. For an established player, a business model can be used to rebuild or capture a new value proposition for a new or existing customer.

A compelling story should be the core of your business model. This can be used to get everyone in the organization aligned around the values the company wants to create. It should also show how all the elements of your system fit into the cohesive whole. Continuous innovation through differentiation of your business model is key to capturing and securing margins. When used in this way, a good business model can become a powerful tool for improving execution.

Most entrepreneurs are keen to develop new business models, but need help with the design. Many just fill in the blanks in the nine boxes, but are stumped when grilled by investors on the inter-relationships among the boxes.

Below are some factors that distinguish consistently successful companies from the rest. They usually:

• Offer a unique, relevant, hard-to-copy value propositions
• Are aligned with market trends
• Are capable of generating attractive profits either because they create the lowest cost structure or generate meaningful benefits that competitors cannot easily copy
• Establish new growth platforms


I can help you to design a robust and compelling business model for your company by answering difficult questions such as:

• What is the relationship between your business model and your strategy?
• How are you competing using your business model, with other companies in the same space, but with different business models?
• Have you optimized your profit formula?

My mission is to help entrepreneurs tell their stories in a compelling way, design an optimal business model that will wow investors, and help you get on the path to gaining customer traction.

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